2022 | Packing it In

“…You resign yourself to the fact that the haute-couture bunkers, urban treehouses and airBnB 5-star ‘authentic’ experiences will be forever beyond your vacation budget, and as your computer lapses into sleep mode and exotic screensavers flash across your screen, you ask yourself: IS THERE NOTHING I CAN DO WITH MY FREE TIME THAT WILL MAXIMISE THE CAPACITIES OF MIND, BODY AND SOUL WITHOUT RENDERING ME MORALLY AND/OR FINANCIALLY BANKRUPT?

Well, by gum, yes there is”.

Packing It In is a how-to book on bikepacking, an illustrated packing list on the same, and a nudging reminder on how to vacation ethically in this ‘our planet is on fire, SAVE IT!’ era of the 21st century.

OFFICIALLY LAUNCHING AT THIS YEAR’s COMIC INVASION FESTIVAL (details below) (yes, for the first time, actually available in REAL LIFE)



Come out to the Berlin Comic Invasion festival on May 6/7, 2023
10-18Uhr, Museum of Communication, Berlin, Leipziger Str. 16, 10117 Berlin, FREE entrance
to get the whole story and even purchase a copy in paper form!