2020 | Bunny Goes to Copenhagen | a picture book for Very Large children

Earlier this year, as the first lockdown was winding its way to the end, I rode my bicycle from Berlin (Germany) to Copenhagen, accompanied on the 702km journey by one small hitchhiker, a stuffed brown bunny, who, despite proving to be rather high maintenance, was nonetheless a very amusing travel companion. I have created a chronicle of this saga, a limited-edition (25 copies) 152-page full colour book to share the adventure with the world. (Or at least with 25 people in the world.) For a limited time, for the paltry price of 14,50€ (+shipping), you too can enjoy the exhilarating photographic tale of bunny and me making history, biking through Northern Europe on(at?) the heels of the global pandemic.

You may be thinking,” 14,50€!! That’s a small fortune, at least enough to get me a ruddy great cocktail at a fancy bar!”**. Well, far be it for me to discourage your alcoholism in these trying times. To wit: anyone ordering a book who lives in Berlin (or for someone who lives in Berlin) will have the book personally bike couriered to them ALONG WITH ONE FANCY COCKTAIL IN A JAR (no, really) by yours truly, wearing mask (and cape) and standing at a respectable (for these times) distance from your door. Those outside of Berlin will have to cater to their own weakness for spirits, but WILL get an original drawing of bunny drinking said cocktail in their book. 

 ** (For the sake of transparency, I am profiting approx. the cost of a cup of coffee at a middle-grade café for each book sold. Yes, such is the world of (very very) tiny press publishing.) UPDATE 10. Jan! First 25 copies have sold out, I am doing a second-edition limited print run of 13 for any interested!

Payment accepted by paypal or passenger pigeon, and shipping costs are as follows:
2,70€  within Germany
8,90€ worldwide
NOTE! As this is quite a small venture (the tiniest-press project I have done to date), I have not attempted to tackle creating an online-shop! If you’d like a book just send me an old-school message (click the envelope/contact button above) and your delivery preference (post or bike). I will provide digital proof of its entrance into the German postal system or we can arrange a personal delivery time etc. Planned delivery date from 12 December onwards.