2015 | autodesk / pier 9 artists in residency program (San Francisco)

inside the box | reated as a part of a four-month artists residency in San Francisco at Autodesk’s Pier 9 workshop, where a series of intensive workshops (woodworking, digital laser etching, 3D modeling, 3D printing, electronics) resulted in the creation of original works in new media.

Context | The foundation of this work was the catchphrase thinking outside the box, referring to the oft praised state of thinking creatively (the ‘box’ representing the limitations of the everyday). When reflecting on the drawing series What’s in a Head? (2014), and the complex organic and wondrous landscapes already extant ‘inside the box’ (as it were), I decide to turn inward for creative possibilities instead of out. In reflecting on significant elements of our inner landscape, I focused on the hippocampus, a tiny slippery part of the brain responsible for human memories, fears and emotions. This one tiny element nestled amidst networks of vasculature, nerves, muscles, bone, which has such a profound influence on the thoughts and behaviour of an individual. How could it be represented in solid form? What would it weigh? What is its worth? What if we could measure its content, put a price on it, trade it, sell it?