In the making of the 3D animation of the dolls, CT data from neonatal crania in the Scheuer Collection at University of Dundee was used to improve visual anatomical accuracy, as the original data did not proffer enough detail to be visually clear. The mandibles of both dolls are not real; Professor Sue Black of the Centre For Anatomy and Human Identification at University of Dundee states that "one of [the mandibles] is made out of several parts because you can see the join lines [and] is not uniform because there is the appearance of a cortex.  But it is very dense in the centre and not really like bone at all."1

Notes | 1. Black, 2012


(from l to r) CT data from both of the original doll skulls, CT data of Scheuer collection specimens,
final skull composites, and final skulls textured in Mudbox and Maya for digital animation