What's in a Head

published in Brick literary journal (Winter 2016 issue)

Drawings based on an internship I did at the Bodyworlds plastinarium in Guben, Germany, where I was responsible for anatomical positioning of vasculature,muscles and nerves on freshly plastinated specimens of human heads. I was given the (deceased human and freshly plastinated) specimen and a stack of medical text books and asked to ensure that that former looked like the latter: that the ‘real life’ specimen echoed the anatomical knowledge already collected and recorded in the text books. In the hours crosschecking anatomical placement with dissection books and medical text books I found duplications, contradictions, things missing, and other errors I had (naively) assumed would never appear in science texts. I realised that “scientifically correct” would only be another interpretation of the word “correct”, and what I had originally looked forward to as an opportunity to experience medical empiricism at its finest was in fact as elaborate a myth as art can be.